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Dark Glitch Art
by Scott Sholder


The Artist

Scott Sholder, also known as MetalheaD, is a digital artist specializing in dark yet colorful glitch art. He creates his unique artwork using a combination of photography, digital painting, and glitch effects using various apps, without AI.

​Scott is a copyright lawyer by day. He and his wife have two young daughters and live in New York. A New Jersey native, Scott is a lifelong music lover, especially (unsurprisingly) heavy metal.

Scott's Artist Statement:

I am a digital alchemist. I visually transmute ordinary matter through experimentation with various forms of technical sorcery to craft a vision, which may come through dreams, music, a turn of phrase, a fantasy, or out of the ether. I find the extraordinary in the mundane in order to explore and tell stories about possible hidden worlds and alternate realities, oftentimes to help make sense of what's going on in my own chaotic mind. My combination of bright colors and dark themes is meant to elicit contrasting emotions and force contemplation about what is real, what is imagined, and what hides in the dark recesses of the universe and the human psyche.  

Current Projecs

Current Projects

Secure Transactions

Buy Scott's NFTs with confidence using established and well-known NFT marketplaces such as Makersplace, Objkt, and Exchange. Contact Scott directly below if interested in licensing, prints, or other physical goods. Scott reserves the right to make limited prints of digital works (typically no more than 3) upon request or otherwise.

Original Creations

Scott Sholder's digital art is a unique combination of photography, digital painting, and glitch effects using various apps, without the use of AI. His dark yet colorful glitch art is a must-see for art enthusiasts and collectors in the NFT world, particularly in the surreal / abstract / glitch / trash genres.


Marketplace - Digital Art


Portfolio - Glitch Art

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